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Shop affordable, trusted brands for all your dog supply needs. Pet Supplies Delivered carries medications, supplements, prescriptions, and vaccines to treat your dogs for flea and tick, heartworm, worms, pain, and arthritis. Keep your dog healthy and happy with speciality care items for dental, ear, eye, grooming, training, toys, and treats. 


Dog Supplies


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Learn about dog vaccines

Dog Vaccine Guide

Dog vaccines are low cost and easy to administer.

Learn about dog anxiety

Dog Anxiety Guide

Separation anxiety in dogs occurs when pets exhibit distress and behavior problems.

Learn more about hemp supplements

Arthritis in Dogs: How to Treat Dog Joint Pain

Arthritis is a common health condition that may affect 20% of all canines and 80% of senior dogs.
Learn more about heartworm prevention

Heartworm Guide

It is far wiser and much easier to prevent heartworm disease.