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In 1964, in the Omaha stockyards, a vet named “Doc” had an innovative idea: that cattle ranchers could save time, money, and lives by administering their own vaccinations.

This visionary idea, and Doc’s pioneering spirit, continue today in the company he started.


Stock Yards

The Omaha Vaccine Company Stock Yard Origins

When he started Omaha Vaccine in 1964, Dr. Robert “Doc” Asmus worked as veterinarian at the largest stockyards in the world—the Union Stock Yards in Omaha, Nebraska. Every day, thousands of cattle, hogs, and sheep were shipped by rail and truck to Omaha, where they were sold to packing houses, breeders, and feed lots.

More than $2.5 million dollars worth of livestock was handled every day in the yards, and 250 acres of pens spread out in every direction from the Livestock Exchange building in its center.

The heat and smell were overwhelming, and the pace was breakneck as 50,000 head of cattle-a-day made their way through the pens. They had to be weighed, fed, watered, and kept track of. According to one employee, “It was glorious bedlam.”

These were the pens Doc Asmus walked, day in and day out, in the late fifties and early sixties, tending to sick animals. Walking this massive expanse, the time he spent getting from patient to patient was delaying the crucial medical attention his animals needed.

“There’s got to be a better way,” he thought.

This insight lead Doc Asmus to start Omaha Vaccine–a store where ranchers in the stockyards could buy vaccines, antibiotics and supplements to administer on their own. If an animal had a cold or a respiratory disease, medication could be given right away, without waiting for Doc to show up in person.

Doc Asmus’s innovative idea had an immediate effect on the overall health of animals in the stockyards, and transmission of infectious disease dropped significantly.


Omaha Vaccine

A New Location, and a Hub

Omaha Vaccine took off, and by 1982 was so large it had to move out of the stockyards. Doc Asmus erected a building right across the street, which remains today as an animal hospital.

The Omaha Vaccine building, still standing at 30th and L Streets in Omaha, was a hub for ranchers and farmers at the time. Customers remember placing an order over the counter, and then talking shop over a cup of coffee while they waited for the order to be pulled.


Omaha Vaccine Master Catalog

The Master Catalog

As the Stock Yards declined over the end of the 20th century, Omaha Vaccine took another pioneering step by starting a catalog. Not quite as thick as a Macy’s catalog, the black-and-white newsprint book sold everything from horse bridles and dog leashes to vaccinations for cattle, hogs, horses and swine.

In 1984, Asmus sold Omaha Vaccine to ConAgra, who owned it until 1996, when they decided to sell all their non-food related businesses. It was bought by Scott Remington, himself the founder of a veterinary pharmaceuticals company, like Doc. He remains the owner today.


Pet Supplies Delivered Catalog
Pet Supplies Delivered Website

Pet Supplies Delivered Into the 21st Century

Remington introduced full color to the catalog, and took the company into the 21st Century. Recognizing the increasingly important role pets play in our lives, he created the Pet Supplies Delivered catalog, and later website, to meet the needs of pet owners.

Doc’s vision lives on, with Pet Supplies Delivered and First Place Equine putting medical treatment directly in the hands of consumers when they need it, and at a lower price.

Although the store was closed in 2000, customers can still experience the neighborhood feel of the old days by stopping by the new headquarters at 11143 Mockingbird Drive. Staff Pharmacists are on hand full time to help.

We continue to pride ourselves on a close, hands-on relationship with customers, always listening to feedback, and adding new products by request whenever possible.


We believe that when a company enjoys the longevity and recognition that We have experienced, it is necessary that we continue to improve the many things we do well and initiate innovative changes to serve you better.

  • Caring, pleasant and knowledgeable customer service representatives, willing to make sure your experiences with us are pleasurable and fulfilling.
  • To ensure your packages arrive in mint condition, we use revolutionary packaging material. It's fully biodegradable, easy to dispose of dust free and mess free.
  • Your vaccine shipments are shipped in a styrofoam cooler with ice packs to ensure that your vaccines are shielded from direct sunlight and are able to withstand extreme heat or cold.
  • We have a fully licensed pharmacy, staffed by licensed pharmacists, giving you the assurance your prescription (RX) items are being handled legally and properly. Combine this with the ease of receiving all of your items from us. If you don't see an item on our site, please call us. We are continually searching for new products that offer you the quality assurance you demand with convenience of application and the competitive pricing and selection you expect.
  • Each of us are involved daily in all aspects of the company, working hand-in-hand and searching for better ways to serve the most important member of our company, "YOU, OUR CUSTOMER." We welcome you to call or write to us with your suggestions, concerns, questions and ideas. You have our commitment that we will continue to listen, learn and act on your needs.

We hope you enjoy shopping our Internet site, and we thank you for trusting us with your animals' needs.