Insect & Fly Control

Shield Your Pets from Pesky Insects and Flies! Safeguard your horse from bothersome flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and fleas. Heal and protect against wounds, scratches, and abrasions caused by these pests.

Our range includes specialized fly sprays crafted for dogs, ensuring a safe and effective shield against flying insects. These formulas are pet-friendly and create a protective barrier on your dog's coat, deterring pesky bugs.

Explore our extensive collection of insect and fly control products tailor-made for horses and dogs. Keep your beloved pets comfortable and protected today!"

Spot-on Protection from Ticks, Flies, Gnats and Mosquitoes
Price: $15.95
Water-Based Fly Repellent Concentrate
Price: $27.95
Repellent Spray for Horses
Price: $25.99
Fly control trap
Price: $13.95
Water soluble fly attractant pouch
Price: $11.95
Spray-on fly control
Price: $24.95
Wipe-on fly control
Price: $35.95