Vetality Naturals Flea & Tick Topicals for Dogs 16-40 lbs, 3 doses

Flea and Tick Topical for Dogs
Vetality Naturals Flea & Tick Topicals for Dogs 16-40 lbs, 3 doses
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  • PREVENTS: Flea Infestation
  • KILLS: Fleas, Ticks & Mosquitoes, Flea Eggs
  • REPELS: Fleas, Ticks & Mosquitoes

This botanical blend of essential oils provides natural and effective protection against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for up to 30 days.

This easy-to-use topical naturally protects from bug bites and their consequences, and limits flea infestation. Safe for use around children & pets, when used as directed.

Water Resistant, not waterproof – need to wait 24 hours after application to bathe or swim

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Active Ingredients: Cedarwood Oil (5%), Peppermint Oil (4%)
Other Ingredients: Almond Oil (91%)
Almond Oil:

  • Water resistant properties
  • Helps product travel over body
  • Creates a protective barrier over sensitive skin

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For Dogs 12 weeks of age or older. Apply once per month for continuous protection or more frequently as needed, but not more often than once every 2 weeks. Avoid bathing or swimming for 24 hours after application. Sensitivities may occur after using any product, so test by applying a few drops to the nape of your dog’sneck. Contains essential oils, in rare cases, may cause allergic reactions. If an adverse reaction occurs, bathe your dog with a mild, grease-cutting detergent & water to remove product.

1. Snap the re-sealable cap off the tip of tube.
2. Lift or spread fur between the shoulder blades of the dog/cat until you can see the skin.
3. Place the tube tip on the dog’s/cat’s skin area and apply from this position downward from between the shoulder blades to the base of the tail
4. Hold the dog/cat briefly, allowing the liquid to disperse.