Ideal Syringe 12cc, Without Needle, Luer Lock, 1 count

Disposable Plastic Syringe
Ideal Syringe 12cc, Without Needle, Luer Lock, 1 count
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Syringes are latex free, nonpyrogenic, nontoxic and autoclavable, and are manufactured with a delivery design that is smooth and accurate.

  • Positive plunger stop allows for maximum filling and eliminates costly spills.
  • Tapered plunger shaft permits one-hand operation.
  • Reinforced tip reduces breakage.
  • Tri-Seal O-Ring reduces leakage and provides accuracy

 !  New York Residents wishing to purchase syringes and/or needles must include a "Certificate of Need" with your order. Contact the "Bureau of Controlled Substances" for your state to obtain this certificate. New Jersey, Delaware, and US Virgin Islands residents are not permitted to purchase syringes or needles without a prescription.

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Neogen Animal Safety

Remove the syringe from its pack.
Secure needle to syringe by twisting needle sheath clockwise.