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Horseshoer's Secret 11 lb

Horseshoer's Secret 11 lb

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11 lbs.
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Horseshoer's Secret has been formulated to provide the correct nutrients in the right proportions for optimum hoof health. This exclusive formula contains Biotin (15mg/serving) which aids in the proper development of healthy hooves. Calcium (2%) and Complete protein (2% which is in the form of soybean meal). Both help in the healthy development of the inner structures of the hoof. Methionine (3000 mg),for proper hoof protein development. Lysine (1400 mg), Chelate (300 mg), aids in the keratinization process of the hoof, improving collagen. Copper Chelate (100 mg) involved in the formation of ta major connective tissue protein. Improves pigmentation and structure of hair and hoof. Flax meal (5% fat) rich in omega-3 fatty acids, essential for healthy skin, coat and proper moisture and pliability. In a patented yeast base which aids in the overall digestion and enhances gut flora, increasing B vitamins and amino acid production.
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