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Dyne High Calorie Supplement 32 oz

Dyne High Calorie Supplement 32 oz

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32 oz.
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Provides maximum calories, protein and vitamins in a minimum of volume, to ease or prevent the effects of severe animal stress, promote weight gain and supply needed energy. Crude protein (1.9% per oz.) gives structural integrity to everything from the brain to skin and muscle. Crude fat (48.3% per oz.) provides temperature maintenance, stores many vitamins and keeps coat and skin healthy. Vitamin A (1790 IU per oz.) promotes healthy skin, bones and eyes, has a role in immune system function and wound healing. Vitamin C (175 IU per oz.) forms intercellular collagen (important in teeth, bone and capillary walls) and is essential for wound healing and bone fracture repair and supports the immune system. Vitamin D3 (18 IU per oz.) helps utilize calcium. Vitamin E (4.5 IU per oz.) is a powerful antioxidant. Thiamine (0.18 mg per oz.) promotes growth and good muscle tone. Riboflavin (0.25 mg per oz.) essential for tissue repair, healthy skin, hair and vision. Niacin (1.92 mg per oz.) improves circulation and maintains healthy skin and digestion. Vitamin B6 (0.18 mg per oz.) helps maintain the nervous system and reduce muscle cramps. Folic Acid (0.04 mg per oz.) aids in wound healing. Vitamin B12 (0.71 mg per oz.) helps the function of cells and bone marrow, nervous system and GI tract. Dosage: puppies, 1 teaspoon per 5 lbs of weight. Adult dogs, 2 tablespoons (1 oz.) per 20-30 lbs of weight 3 time per day. 150 calories per ounce, vanilla flavored.

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Underweight animals: Conditions resulting from malnutrition, debilitating disease, parasite infestation, etc. Feed the recommended amount of Dyne daily in addition to the animal's normal diet.

Pregnant animals: Supplementation with Dyne is recommended during the last half of the gestation period to provide additional high quality calories to the female. Feed the recommended amount of Dyne daily in addition to the animal's normal diet.

Lactating animals: Caloric requirements of a lactating female can be three times as great as under normal conditions . Feed the recommended amount of Dyne daily in addition to regular diet.

Dehydrated animals: When mixed with water, Dyne may be used to combat the effects of dehydration due to prolonged fever, diarrhea or certain kidney conditions Dilute the recommended dosage of Dyne with 10 parts of drinking water. In most cases, the animal will drink more of this formulation than water alone. Diluted Dyne may also be administered orally.

Geriatric Animals: A common condition, usually observed in older animals, is permanently reduced kidney function. Most of these animals can be satisfactorily maintained by reducing the animal's intake of commercial pet food by one half and replacing it with the recommended dosage of Dyne.


PUPPIES: 1 teaspoonful per 5 lbs. body weight daily
ADULT DOGS: 2 tablespoons ( 1 oz.) per 20-30 lbs. body weight three (3) times per day