TevraPet Puddle Pads for Dogs and Puppies, 100 pads

Housetraining pads
TevraPet Puddle Pads for Dogs and Puppies, 100 pads
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TevraPet Puddle Pads give your pet a specific place to alleviate when necessary or when potty training. Puddle Pads are durable, reliable and odor resistant. They feature a 6-layer pad that traps in wetness with an antibacterial barrier. With maximum absorbency, these pads will hold up to three cups of liquid.

  • Quick-dry training pads measure 3.36 sq. ft. (22 in x 22 in) and will hold more than 3 cups of liquid without leakage to prevent damage to surfaces
  • 6-layer pads trap in wetness and odor and contains an antibacterial barrier
  • Features an extra-absorbent core that immediately turns liquid to gel upon contact
  • Odor resistant, contains baking soda
  • Attractant that attracts dogs to pads


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Puppy House Training: Puddle Pads are an important component of training your pet to becoming housebroken. Successful training will help them smoothly transition into the daily routines of your family.

  • Unfold and place your Puddle Pad white side up. Place the pad in an area where your puppy or dog stays, but keep away from their bed and food source. Place your puppy on the pad so he can smell the pad’s attractant scent. Keep pads on the floor at all times so the puppy will know where to relieve himself. The scent of the pad will attract your puppy and they will learn to come back to the pad every time.
  • If your puppy relieves himself in an unacceptable location bring them back to the pad and praise them when they relieve themselves on the pad.
  • If you want to train your puppy to go outside, continue to move the pad closer to the door until, eventually, he goes outside to relieve himself.
  • When weaning the puppy off the pad outside, fold the pad in half, next in quarter and eventually, remove the pad your dog is eliminating in the desired designated spot outside.

Indoor or Confined Dogs: Follow the same direction for indoor or confined dogs as you do for puppies. Please review directions listed under puppy house training.

Debilitated or Ill Pets: Place the Puddle Pad white side up with your pet on the pad. This will help protect against stains and odors caused by vomiting, bleeding or incontinence. Depending on the size of your pet it may take more than one pad.


  • Confine your puppy in a small area such as a crate or kennel.
  • Allow plenty of space outside kennel or crate for pet to play. Place Puddle Pad in the area that you want your puppy to go potty.
  • Pay attention to the signs your puppy makes when ready to go outside. Common signs include squatting, sniffing and circling the floor.
  • Consistently plan potty times with your puppy to go on the Puddle Pad!
  • Remove all odors from an accident to prevent them from going back to that spot.
  • Reward your puppy when they go on the Puddle Pad.
  • Finally, be patient and praise your puppy! Housebreaking your puppy may take several weeks.