AniMed Pure MSM Horse Supplement 2.25 pounds

Equine joint support supplement
AniMed Pure MSM Horse Supplement 2.25 pounds
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An excellent supplement for joint pain and stiffness in horses at all life stages, AniMed™ Pure MSM minimizes inflammation and arthritis pain. MSM is a natural antioxidant, which helps to remove damaging free radicals. This bio-available source of dietary sulfur supports your horse's connective tissues.

  • Made of 100% dietary sulfur to help ease pain and inflammation
  • Natural antioxidant helps remove free radicals and is easily absorbed by your horse
  • Veterinarian-recommended supplement can aid in the building of collagen to support joint, cartilage and skin health
  • Made for horses of all classes. Use on a daily basis as directed for optimal results
  • Improves joint mobility, assists in the formation of proteins and amino acids, connective tissue, hair, hide, hooves


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MSM (Methylsufonylmethane)

Methylsulfonylmethane 100% (min) 28,000mg.

Can be given to horses of all classes. Use 1 tablespoon (approximately 1/2 oz) pet 1000 lbs body weight morning and evenings for 6 days, then 1 tablespoon (approximately 1/2 oz) per day. Amount and frequency maybe varied as necessary. Can be given to dogs. Use 1/8 of a teaspoon (approximately 0.02 oz) per 30 lbs of body weight per day. The large end of the enclosed scoop measures 1 tablespoon (approximately 1/2 oz). The small end measures 1 teaspoon (approximately 1/8 oz).