Atopica (cyclosporine capsules) for Dogs 33-64 pounds, 100 mg, 15 count

Treatment of canine atopic dermatitis
Atopica (cyclosporine capsules) for Dogs 33-64 pounds, 100 mg, 15 count
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Atopica targets the cause of the problem to help reduce the incessant scratching, rubbing and licking.

Atopic Dermatitis:
  • Is a lifelong condition.
  • Can be seasonal or year-round.
  • Is one of the most common causes of itching in dogs.
  • Effectively relieves itchiness and reduces skin lesions.
  • Provides proven long-term relief.

Do not use Atopica in dogs with a history of neoplasia, with a hypersensitivity to cyclosporine, or in reproducing dogs. Atopica is a systemic immunosuppressant that may increase susceptibility to infection and development of neoplasia. For use only in dogs. Capsules should not be broken or opened. Wear gloves during administration and wash hands after administration. Gastrointestinal problems and gingival hyperplasia may occur at the initial dose. Safety and effectiveness has not been established in dogs less than 6 months or 4 lbs. Use with caution in dogs with diabetes mellitus or renal insufficiency, and with drugs that affect the P-450 pathway. Killed vaccines are recommended. The most common adverse events are vomiting and diarrhea.

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The initial dose of ATOPICA is 5 mg/kg/day (3.3-6.7 mg/kg/day) as a single daily dose for 30 days. Following this initial daily treatment period, the dose of ATOPICA may be tapered by decreasing the frequency of dosing to every other day or twice weekly, until a minimum frequency is reached which will maintain the desired therapeutic effect. ATOPICA should be given at least one hour before or two hours after a meal. If a dose is missed, the next dose should be administered (without doubling) as soon as possible, but dosing should be no more frequent than once daily.


 1. What is Atopica?

Atopica is a brand name for the drug cyclosporine, which is an immunosuppressive medication used to treat certain immune-mediated dermatological conditions in dogs and cats. It is commonly prescribed for atopic dermatitis, allergic skin conditions, and other inflammatory skin disorders.


2. How does Atopica work?

Atopica works by suppressing the immune system's response to allergens and inflammatory triggers, which helps to reduce the symptoms of allergic skin conditions in pets. It targets specific immune cells and pathways responsible for the inflammatory response.


3. Is Atopica safe for my pet?

Atopica is generally safe when used as directed by a veterinarian. However, it's essential to follow the recommended dosage and duration of treatment, as well as inform your vet about any preexisting health conditions your pet may have.


4. What conditions can Atopica treat in pets?

Atopica is primarily used to manage allergic skin conditions in dogs and cats, such as atopic dermatitis, allergic dermatoses, and other immune-mediated skin disorders.


5. Is Atopica suitable for both dogs and cats?

Yes, Atopica can be used in both dogs and cats, but the dosage and formulation may differ based on the species and weight of the pet. It is crucial to use the specific product designed for the species.


6. How is Atopica administered to pets?

Atopica is available in capsule form for both dogs and cats, and it is given orally. The capsules come in different strengths, and the dosage will be determined by your veterinarian based on your pet's weight and the severity of the skin condition.


7. Can Atopica be given with other medications?

Inform your veterinarian about any other medications or supplements your pet is taking to avoid potential drug interactions. Atopica is an immunosuppressive medication, so it's essential to ensure it's safe to use with other drugs.


8. Are there any side effects associated with Atopica use?

While Atopica is generally well-tolerated, some pets may experience side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, or mild lethargy. In rare cases, more severe adverse reactions like kidney or liver issues may occur. If you notice any concerning symptoms, contact your veterinarian.


9. Can Atopica be used for long-term treatment?

Atopica can be used for short-term or long-term management of chronic allergic skin conditions in pets. Your veterinarian will determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your pet's specific needs.


10. What should I do if my pet accidentally overdoses on Atopica?

If you suspect your pet has ingested more Atopica than prescribed or is showing signs of an overdose (such as severe vomiting, diarrhea, or unusual behavior), seek immediate veterinary attention. An overdose of Atopica can be dangerous and requires prompt medical intervention.


11. Can Atopica be used in other animals or humans?

Atopica is specifically formulated for dogs and cats and should not be used in other animals or humans. Dosages and potential side effects can vary greatly among species, so it's essential to use medications designed specifically for the particular pet.

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