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ZenDog Calming Compression Shirt Small

15"-23" 8-20 lbs.
ZenDog Calming Compression Shirt Small
Price: $ 5.95 / Unit
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Calms dog anxiety from noise, crating, travel, separation, and other stress * Lightweight, breathable, 4-way stretch fabric applies gentle pressure to swaddle pet * Adjustable-fit shirt is machine washable for easy care Zendog Calming Compression Shirt is a drug-free way to calm and soothe anxious pets. It works by applying gentle, maintained pressure - or swaddling. Pets respond to the same type of gentle pressure as a baby being swaddled, because they also have pressure points that, when activated, help calm anxious pets. Use Zendog to decrease anxiety created by crating, separation, noise, travel and other stressors. It can also help calm pets that tend to bark or vocalize excessively. Zendog helps activate pressure points with four-way stretch fabric that provides just the right amount of pressure. Lightweight, breathable fabric won't overheat your pet and even acts as a cooling garment when wet. Zendog offers an adjustable, custom fit in several sizes. Zendog shirt is Black. When you're not sure between two sizes, we recommend sizing up.

Shirt Size Chest Size Weight XSmall 12"-17" 8-20 lbs Small 15"-23" 20-30 lbs Medium 20"-26" 30-45 lbs Large 24"-31" 45-65 lbs XLarge 29"-37" 65-85 lbs XXLarge 35"-42" 85+ lbs To increase the likelihood of your dog responding well to the Zendog, it is important to trial the product when your dog is relaxed and calm. Before using the shirt, give your dog the chance to get used to it under stress-free conditions. First, rub it gently on your dog then allow your dog to sniff the shirt so the smell and feeling of the material become familiar. Once the dog is comfortable with the shirt, put the Zendog on your dog for a trial period - approximately 30 minutes. Most dogs will relax during the first wearing. If not, reduce the trial to a few minutes during several sessions until your dog relaxes. Consider offering your dog a treat while he is wearing the shirt to promote a positive association with the ZendogZendog Fitting Instructions 1. To become familiar with how the Zendog should go on, first lay the shirt down with the Velcro undone and facing up. 2. The Zendog is easiest to put on when your dog is standing. Pull shirt over your dog's head and then each of its front legs - one leg at a time - ensuring that the Velcro is on the top and the neck flaps are at the front. Note: For dogs with a larger chest, you may find it easier to start with the back legs first. 3. Secure the Velcro neck flaps snugly across your dog's chest/neck. 4. Wrap the stomach flap around the dog and secure to the Velcro at the top. While a snug fit is important to activate pressure points, make sure the Zendog is not too tight and that your dog appears comfortable and can move with ease.