Capturing Credit Cards
Select "ORDERS" from the top of the page (white words) On the left side of the screen use the "Side Menu" and change the STATUS to SHIPPED and KEY CODE to 1 (or to 6) both will need done then hit SEARCH Look to the PAYMENT METHOD column if it says CREDIT CARD and there is no dollar amount next to it you will click on the ORDER NUMBER. Verify there IS a TRACKING NUMBER (or that it was a pick up order) Click on CAPTURE and approve the verification Repeat these steps until all cards have been captured you may have to go through several pages to ensure they are all done

How to indicate special shipping
How to indicate special shipping Special Shipping is suggested for all Vaccines, Choices are OverNight for $29.99 or Second Day for $24.99 -Vaccines DO NOT ship on Friday due to the weekend and possible Inclement weather. If an order is over 5 lbs in weight an additional shipping cost may incur to the customer. After informing the customer of this possible charge ask if they would like to be called if the shipping costs exceed the $29.99 or $24.99 due to weight Note their decision on the order. If the customer wants to be contacted make Dawn aware of this (include on the printout she will bring it to you so that you can call the customer and add the cost of the shipping to the customer's order by typing over the amount. Print off a Printer Friendly copy for Dawn (Warehouse Manager) – Highlight the shipping cost- Write the type of shipping selected. i.e. Next day RED or Second day BLUE on the order and place on Dawns desk.

Placing an Order
Select CUSTOMER from the top white words Using the "SIDE MENU" enter the customers FIRST and LAST name; ACCOUNT/CUSTOMER NUMBER; or ZIP CODE then hit SEARCH If they are a new customer select CUSTOMER from the top white words the ADD CUSTOMER (GREY BOX to the right of the side menu) FOLLOW THE STEPS ON EACH TAB Once you have found the customer use the WIDGET on the LEFT of the name to get the drop down menu Select EDIT make sure ALL of the customers information is CURRENT & CORRECT on ALL TABS(including the notes where the PET/VET info is if any) click UPDATE at the bottom left of the information If a 2nd address is needed using the WIDGET select ADDRESS LIST then ADD ADDRESS and follow the boxes adding required fields update by pressing ADD ADDRESS box at the bottom Using the WIDGET again go to ADD ORDER click on CUSTOMER INFORMATION tab and verify the BILLING & SHIPPING addresses are CORRECT (If this is a WALK IN ORDER adjust billing to reflect OUR ADDRESS and add DO NOT PICK DO NOT PULL or CUSTOMER PICK UP PLEASE BRING TO CUSTOMER SERVICE You can then click back on the ORDER tab From this screen you will add the PRODUCT NUMBER or PRODUCT DESCRIPTION into the SEARCH PRODUCT box. You then have to USE THE MOUSE and HIT SEARCH (if you hit enter the box will go blank and you will need to re-add the product. Once the product pops up you will then read the description and price to the customer and ask how many they would like add the QUANTITY and hit the grey ADD button or press ENTER Once the customer has ordered all their items, verify and give the 5% discount on the RX ONLY (if ordered and ONLY if they are NOT A PHARMACY) in the DISCOUNT BOX (also if they are NEW CUSTOMERS they 5% would be given to EVERY item on the order) Now you are ready to add the shipping. Click on the CHOOSE EXISTING SHIPPING menu towards the middle right of the screen. PICK the BEST shipping method for the order. Use the RECALCULATE button on the bottom of the page to give the customer the total. After giving the total and the discounts you are ready to add the RX DISCLAIMER (if necessary) in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box or if they ordered VACCINES and REFUSED SPECIAL DELIVERY (on walk-in orders THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER!! DO NOT PICK DO NOT PULL) (on pick up orders CUSTOMER PICK UP PLEASE BRING TO CUSTOMER SERVICE) You are now ready to ADD ORDER, use the ADD ORDER button on the bottom right of the page. Use the SUB ORDERS button on the TOP LEFT of the page. Now click on the ORDER NUMBER to go back into the order scroll down to the grey box that says PENDING, if NOT AN RX or a BACK ORDER change this to PROCESSING. This is also where you are going to make any notes needed for this order, (REFILL ON FILE SENT HALF SHEET TO PHARMACY; FAXING URGENT**) etc....