Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1.1 Creating a New Customer The following steps are to create a new customer. a. From the top navigation bar click on Customers b. On this Page click on Add Customer c. Type in an email address. If the customer does not have an email address, it is ok to use a false one. It it highly recommended to collect an email address for marketing purposes, as well as order notification purposes. For AVP accounts send a request to Scott and Julie asking that a credit limit be set for a new customer. Julie will fill that information into the Payment Alert field in this tab. d. Next click on the Customer Information Tab and fill out all of the following information. AVP -- Do not fill in a Company name if there are ship to addresses to individual locations to be entered, as the individual name will not appear on the invoice if the company name field is used. The Address 2 field can be used to identify the ship to address to a billed account. Examples are for Grand Prix accounts who the main account is invoiced, but they need to be able to identify who the order was shipped to. e. Next click on the Customer Fields Tab and select one of the following from the drop down. This is used for HIN reporting. Then type in the Company Code using: 01 (PSD); 02 (CA accounts); 04 (AVP Benson); 06 (AVP- LaVista) f. Next click on the Options tab. Select the Payment Options as PSD or internet customers are credit card only or AVP customers are net 30 Then you will need to select a Key Code that is tied to this user. This is very important to set. In Webjaguar Key Code is referred to as Price Table. Even if the Price Table is not going to be used (such as CA where prices are entered individually per customer) this field must be populated as it is used for accounting purposes. Select from the dropdown menu. AVP -- You will also need to associate a sales rep to this customer, you can select a rep from the drop down. g. The Note tab can be used to add Pet/Vet information or for documenting when addresses or keycodes have been changed. h. After this is complete, simply click Add Customer on the bottom left of the screen and the customer will be added.

Janet Topper: 281-635-4501; jtopper@comcast.net Daryl Heisey: 570-971-0869; dlv.daryl@gmail.com Lamar Kanagy: 717-669-7350; lekanagy@gmail.com Scott Center: 616-443-5715; scottcenter@hotmail.com

How to create a dropship order for Ag Provision, acct 5000210 A PO will be emailed from Ag Provision and wait for Scott to confirm that it should be entered and what vendor is to be used. Confirm back to Scott that you will enter the order. Enter like with any other order except: 1. Choose correct ship to address under the Customer Information tab 2. Change the Sales Rep to Scott Remington under the Order Information tab at the right of the screen 3. Enter the Purchase Order # on the right side of the Order screen 4. Using the Product Cost Booklet for this account enter the product and price which should match the PO from Ag Provision 5. POs for needles shipping from Neogen receive 60 day terms which can be changed on the Payment Method dropdown box found in the middle of the order entry screen on the right side 6. Add Order when everything is filled in 7. At the next screen click on Action on the menu bar under Order and then select Dropship from the dropdown menu 8. At the dropship menu, select the correct vendor from the dropdown, it should be the correct vendor, if not, contact IT to correct it 9. PO # will auto fill with the corresponding WJ order #, ****change this to the Ag Provision PO**** 10. Click on Next Step at bottom left of page 11. Check Price referring to booklet, change if needed ** Neogen needle pricing needs to be corrected** 12. Clean up Ship To email address (remove blank lines, delete email address, etc) 13. In the box under Purchase Order Special Instructions type any needed instructions and include the company name as the PO does not have a heading that contains that information. 14. Click on Save Changes at the bottom right, which takes you to a listing of the CSR Purchase orders. 15. Click on the PO that was just created, which takes you back into the PO 16. Click on Send Email at the bottom of the screen, which then drops down email information 17. Fill in Subject line with CSR PO ___ (should be the same as the Ag Provision PO) 18. In the empty box under Html a message can be typed to the vendor 19. Strongly suggest that you email the PO to your email address, and then forward it to the vendor from there, so that you have a confirmation that the email was sent and there was no error in the sending

How to place an order for Blain Farm Fleet account 2111816 1. This account has its own keycode, 6FS6. There are stores 2-39 that are on the address list. 2. Blain POs come through EDI utilizing the Liaison Athena website. An email is received to indicate that the POs are available to print. The website can be accessed through the PO# link on the email. The Username is: 11936 and the PW: ezgde38t 3. Click on Purchase orders and then print each PO, write down each store number as they print to help track which have printed; there are only 30 that appear on a page, so have to rechoose purchase order on the left and then use the arrow keys in the upper right corner to page to the unprinted POs; unprinted POs show in Bold Print 4. Enter the PO onto an order: a. Choose the correct ship to address b. Enter the PO # in the Purchase Order area (DO NOT enter in the address, as the PO will appear on the label if put into the Purchase Order area) 5. Enter order. The price on the order must match the price on the PO. Blains can only be invoiced for what appears on their PO, so must make sure it is entered correctly. If the PO price does not match what is in the computer, contact Scott Center the Regional Manager for the account; cell phone # 616-443-5715 6. Mark items on the PO that are out of stock as you enter. An out of stock report will need to be sent to Scott Remington and Scott Center so they know what was not available from the weekly orders to help with purchasing as Blains does not accept backorders. 7. Two items that do not have correct CSR item #s are: a. 88781 (ivermectin horse health dewormer) Blains has item 08871 on their PO it will always appear like this as in their system item 88781 is assigned to another item b. MuliVite is item 01862 (it is an incorrect item # on the Blains POs) 8. After creating the order, cancel any backordered items in the sub-order, then comment the order with the items that were not available (the cancelled b/o should also print at the bottom of the packing list, so this is just an extra note to them) 9. Since Blains is invoiced via EDI, accounting processes this the following day using the invoice that is created. An email will then be received with the functional acknowledgement that the orders invoicing were received. Match the POs to the orders to confirm the invoicing and let accounting know that all went through or if any were missing.