Cat Hairball

How to get your cats hairball unstuck

Have you noticed your cat is getting hairballs? As your cat grooms itself, they may accumulate hair stuck in their throat.

Hairballs are normal for cats every once in a while, but having them frequently can be concerning. These hairballs can also be trapped in your cat’s small intestine which leads to the blockage of their digestive tract.

Contact your vet if you are noticing consistent hairballs from your feline.

With existing hairballs, Laxatone can be a quick remedy to force the hairball out get your cat back to their usual self.

Cat Lax, 2 ounces

  • A palatable gel that aids in the elimination and prevention of hairballs in cats.
  • Has the tastiest Cod liver oil any cat will enjoy.

To prevent hairballs, brush your cat daily to eliminate the amount of times your cat has to bathe themselves.

  • Shop affordable, trusted brands for feline hairball remedy.
  • Use flea prevention medication regularly to keep your cats coat clean.
  • Feed your cat hairball control treats or dry food
  • Eliminate sources of anxiety, many cats bathe themselves more often as they are feeling anxious. Household changes, litterbox or food sharing, illness, and privacy are all reasons why your cat could have anxiety.

Updated November 27, 2021