Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for 45 to 88-Pound Dogs and Puppies, 3-Doses

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3 pack for Dogs 45 - 88 lbs.
Price: $39.95

Protect your dog from fleas and ticks with Frontline Plus for Dogs. Fast-acting, long lasting Frontline Plus for Dogs rids your dog of fleas and ticks within 48 hours and keeps them away for at least four weeks. Frontline flea and tick contains Fipronil and S-Methoprene which kill adult fleas, eggs and larvae. Frontline treatment for fleas also kills four kinds of ticks including ticks that transmit Lyme disease. Frontline flea and tick is waterproof and an easy to administer once a month spot-on application. Frontline Plus for Dogs is the most complete treatment for fleas and ticks on the market and is available now at a reduced price from Pet Supplies Delivered. Three dose supply lasts three months.

Frontline Plus